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Free Streaming and Recording Suite for AMD Customers

Radeon Relive is a free streaming companion app designed for AMD graphics cards. The app is intended to make capturing game footage, streaming live content and managing the whole process simple and straightforward. Useful for streamers or content creators, the app is offered as a free download from Radeon.

Streaming simplified

With streaming becoming ever more popular, streaming companion software has developed to make the process completely painless. Radeon Relive is a great option for those with an AMD graphics card as it is fully optimized, meaning that its impact on performance is minimal. It is claimed to have a maximum impact of 4% for recording while playing which makes it one of the best lightweight options around. The app is designed to be operated with ease and has automatic settings for the most popular streaming sites. While it doesn't have the more complicated options some content creators will demand, Radeon Relive has everything needed to set-up and start an online gaming community.

Strong but light

Radeon Relive is a decent option for those who want to make a start in the world of online streaming but lack a high level of technical knowledge. Minimal and lightweight, this is a nice optional extra offered to AMD customers.


  • Simple operation
  • Lightweight design


  • Only for AMD graphics cards
  • Limited in operation


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Radeon Relive


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